• The most advanced system to handle and manage maintenance and security inspections

  • Are you a Security Company that has to certify his guard’s remote sites inspections?

  • Are you a Company supplying maintenance and repair services and you wish or must certify the activities of your technicians?

With Rondamatic Cloud you got the solution to all your problems. Rondamatic Cloud manages everything automatically, optimizing the results and checking the compliance with the requirements of the activities. No more time of your employees dedicated to the management of the inspections data. No more report shipments to your customers with the results of those visits. Thanks to our cloud system, your customers have direct access to their reports in real time, even on the move.



Our service for the management of inspections allows you to define, collect and analyse the data related to visits made by technical staff or by guards at customer sites, in order to guarantee and certify their activities. The system is designed to be a productivity tool to manage all the reporting activities of Company’s personnel for the Company’s customers.

From the hardware point of view, the system uses portable reading devices. The employees use those readers to read the unique code of each identification label (radio frequency TAG or iButton™) permanently fixed in the location to be inspected, storing in the device memory also the date and time when the reading was taken; some readers, via the integrated SIM, transmit data to the server as soon as they are taken; other readers need to be downloaded to the system server via a service PC. The application software Rondamatic Cloud analyses these data and helps the correct and effective management of the inspections made by technicians or by Guards.



The Rondamatic Cloud system is essential for any activity for which is required a timely certification of its execution. Some real examples are:

  • The Guard Companies that need to certify to their customers the time and date of the inspection visits carried out by the guards, rather than certify the time of the intervention of the patrol after receiving an alarm in the operating centre.
  • The maintenance and inspection services companies, which can ensure to their customers when the preventive maintenance controls have been made and how long they last, rather than certify the execution of repairs of any faults.
  • The management and control (for safety purposes) of all the people who regularly visit various shops to withdraw money from ATMs rather than by the game systems that provide cash winnings.
  • Security services for people with bodyguards.
  • Tracking of the products delivered on loan for use, such as the shafts of drinks on tap.



To use the Rondamatic Cloud service you need, first of all, specific portable readers used by the personnel to read the unique code of each identification device (radio frequency TAG or iButton™) permanently fixed in the site to be inspected.

To read radio frequency TAGs, we selected the Active Track reader of EBS. This device integrates in very durable housing a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone. This functional advanced device can be applied indoor and outdoor because of A-GPS service, that supports GPS signal from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

Active Track has been designed as a modern, high technology but also easy in use device, that has a lot of application.
Handy, waterproof and shock resistant casing and built-in accelerometer provides that the device can be used both by commercial and private users: in logistics companies, security and fire services, parole system, to child protection, senior and patient care.



To read iButtons our choice has been for many years the use of PES Sensors from Tomst. These iButtons readers are available in three versions, depending on the memory capacity to store read data. They have some features absolutely innovative and unique:

  1. The ANTI-VANDAL® Technology
    The ANTI-VANDAL® Technology is a clever self-protection system that has been invented for the PES Readers to equip them with higher anti-sabotage protection. The system excels by extreme resistance against various kinds of intentional and unintentional damage, which can be detected and recorded. Thanks to this technology the consequences of attempts to destroy the sensors are minimized.
  2. Long battery life
    The 5-year guarantee and integrated 10-year battery life ensure the lowest running costs to the customer.
  3. Ergonomic design
    Weighing only 44 grams with a length of 90 mm: these readers are recognized for their good looks and their small size, without compromising quality.

To download the data stored by the PES readers you need a PC with Internet access; a TMD downloader (SEE PICTURE) is connected through USB connector to that PC, where our Windows application is able to read data from the PES readers through the TMD downloader and send, via Internet, these data instantly to Rondamatic Cloud server.



The Rondamatic Cloud application software has been designed and developed to simplify as much as possible the management of inspections, using the most advanced hardware and software resources that technology may provide. The intent is to configure, collect and analyse the visits carried out by operators in different sites to check. The operator interface has been designed to make it more intuitive as possible. The features are:
● companies/guard companies management
● sites management
● customers management
● operators management
● calendars management
● readers management
● TAG and iButtons management
● check points management
● visit and related anomalies management
● reports management
● differentiated access profiles management



CLOUD System

The use of a "CLOUD" system has many advantages. Just think of the possibility to access the application from any computer with any operating system (you just need the availability of a browser connected to the internet), on any day, at any time.
Consequently, every customer of the service provider has the ability to directly access and manage its data and extract them as he needs, freeing the company providing the service from the task of preparation and distribution of inspection reports.

  • Security: The data are accessed via the authentication and the assigned privileges; so the clients see only their data, while the system manager sees the data of all its customers.
  • Automatic and continuous update of the application to the latest version.
  • Certainty of costs, according to the pay-per-use model; you pay a fixed amount per month per active customer.
  • No concerns about the operation and maintenance of the PC hosting the application, nor of its operating system upgrade, or the optimization of its resources.
  • Automatic data backup regularly scheduled.
  • Consequent reduction of system management costs.
  • Full respect of privacy in accordance with law.
  • No software to install locally (except the software to download data from PES readers to send them to the server).
  • No capital asset for the acquisition of IT products subject to rapid technological exceeded.
  • Tax advantages (fully deductible fee on an accrual basis).

Active Track Reader

The Active Track reader has absolutely advanced and unique features.

Its shell is strong, robust and waterproof and it therefore allows operation in harsh conditions. The ability to absorb the strongest shock, its ergonomic shape and small size make it unique in technical and service applications.

  • GPS e Rfid in the same device
  • Two-way voice communication device. It can be used as a cell phone, user can call directly the previously programmed number or send signal via GPRS to monitoring station with ask for reply. It is also possible to receive calls with Active Track.
  • Personal protection system. PANIC button enables sending alarm signal - data and voice transmission in case of an emergency situation – lone worker protection.
  • MAN DOWN motion sensor for fall detection. Fully automated notification about life-threatening situation. It is also possible to configure fixed position - thanks to tilt detection Active Track can send alarm signal in case of position change.
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS). Allow both outdoor & indoor tracking; help by delivering satellite data such as accurate time and satellite status to the GPS receiver. This aiding data enables a GPS receiver to compute a position within seconds, even under poor signal conditions. It helps in emergency situation, in rough environments.
  • Tamper detection alert. Excessive shock detection - notification about all mechanical attempts to destroy the device. Tamper switch – protection against opening the device by unauthorized person.
  • Large memory capacity. Built-in memory for storing up to 2000 events in history.
  • GPS position on SMS. Programmable button to send alert SMS to a smartphone.

Additional benefits

The use of Active Track readers allows to obtain these additional benefits:

  • Lone worker protection (MAN DOWN function).
  • VIP protection.
  • Outdoor safety for elderly people (elderly care).
  • Children protection.
  • Law enforcement (home arrest, parole system).
  • Groups, foreign tourists’ protection.
  • Trip management.
  • Escorting valuable shipments / people - the possibility of routing and alerting the aberration from its course.

PES Readers

If PES readers are used, the unique ANTI-VANDAL® Technology, a self-protective system that can even recognize WHO tried to damage the sensor and HOW is able to detect the following events:

  • Resistance against high temperatures and big changes of temperatures.
  • Detects 3 levels of hit intensity: small, medium and strong hit. The sensor is able to resist the overloading up to 10 G.
  • Detects an attempt to damage the sensor by over-voltage. The sensor is able to endure over-voltage up to 265 V.
  • Intentional short circuit. It is able to identify the endeavour to discharge the battery by short-circuiting the sensor probe. After such attempt the sensor stays undamaged and the battery life is not reduced.
  • Resistance against the microwave radiation. The system can even detect that the sensors were placed into a microwave oven.





Rondamatic Cloud is developed by:
NT2 - Nuove Tecnologie Srl – Milan - Italy

and is marketed and sold by:

Rondamatic - Federico Vago

e-mail: cloud@rondamatic.it